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From Performance Horseshoeing and Hot & Cold Shoeing to Corrective Shoeing and Glue On Shoes, we can help you with all your farrier needs.

Service Area

We provide experienced farrier services for horses in the New England area.


Performance Horseshoeing

Working with an experienced farrier is important when trying to optimize the performance of your horse. 


Hot & Cold Shoeing

There are benefits to both hot and cold shoeing.  Whichever your horse needs we provide both types of shoeing.


Corrective Shoeing

Are you having a problem with your horse that you think might require corrective shoes?  We can help.


Quarter Crack Repair

These are cracks that typically form at the hairline usually on the inside of the feet. Quarter cracks usually appear on competition horses. 

Don’t Trust Your Horses With Just Anyone

For over 25 years, we have been providing farrier services to the East Coast.  Now concentrating on the New England area, we look forward to working with your horse(s).  We provide a partnership with you and your horses.  We feel that working with an experienced farrier is important for the overall health of your horse(s).

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